Mood Ring

A product shot of 'High CBD Oil' in a scene with silk sheets, candles, and bright colored shapes.

Mood Ring seeks to illuminate the wonders of cannabis. This nationally-distributed Canadian brand makes ridiculously good products and fills the universe with infinite good vibes.


  • Brand Director Tyler Segal
  • Creative Lead Jonny Ashcroft
  • Senior Designer Travis Fetting
  • Studio Photography Sludge Studio
  • Product Photography Ian Whitmore
  • 3D & Animation Ivan Vidovic
  • Website Development Human Shapes
A teal and pink Mood Ring logo on a purple background with pink radiating lines around it.


In order for Mood Ring to embody an infinite number of vibes, a dynamic brand identity was created. An expansive color palette allows the brand to exude a full spectrum of feelings, as ample and varied as the products Mood Ring offers and the consumers it caters to. 

An exploded view of the Mood Ring logo and how the different assets come together.
The progression of the first Mood Ring logo to the final logo.
A collection of various Mood Ring logos in different colors.
A product shot of 'Legacy Hashish' in a scene with silk sheets, candles, and marijuana leaves.


Upon launching in 2020, Mood Ring found immediate success and quickly amassed a passionate following. Consumer interest in the brand fueled a rapid product line expansion that called for a versatile, adaptable packaging system. The resulting lineup won multiple awards for both packaging and product.

A product shot of a 'Cali Kush Pre-roll' in a scene with bright green and pink colors and various shapes.
A grid of six different floating products on colorful backgrounds.
A floating product shot of a 'Pure Kush Distillate Applicator"
A floating product shot of 'Craft Golden Berry Whole Flower' on an orange background.
A grid of colorful sales materials on a light purple background.
A floating product shot of 'Craft Slurface Whole Flower' on a green background.
A close-up of a 'Flordia Citrus Kush Whole Flower' tuna can on a pink background.


The Mood Ring Universe exploded into existence with an infinitely evolving collage feed on Instagram. The colorful content stream took on a life of its own and became the brand's primary channel for interacting with customers. Alongside promoting products and educating followers, Mood Ring pushed beyond the typical realms of branded output. From orchestrating tie-dye parties, to creating engaging puzzles, to guiding followers on far-out journeys across the Mood Ring Universe with animated shorts—the content was quite the mind-expanding trip. 

Despite Instagram's limitations and regulations on cannabis companies, Mood Ring’s account boasted engagement ratings that most brands only dream of.  

Two floating phones on a pink background with the Mood Ring Instagram profile on one and a 'Jack Flash Vape' Instagram story on the other.
A grid of various Instagram posts for Mood Ring on a light purple background.

merch! Merch! Merch!

What started as a few shirts originally intended for budtender giveaways, quickly turned into large quarterly drops as demand for Mood Ring merch skyrocketed across the universe of social. Shirts, sweaters, stickers, hats, posters, and pins were created in response and made available to the brand's growing following. 

A colorful black light poster in a wooden frame on a purple background.
A black graphic tee and a white graphic tee on a pink background.
A floating hat on a purple background with a patch that reads "Awaken to the Wonders"
A close-up of three different enamel pins shown on a corkboard.
A poster that reads 'Infinite Good Vibes' in a wooden frame on a pink background with a plant in the bottom right corner.
An assortment of Mood Ring shirts on a purple background.
A collage of colorful stickers with different slogans for Mood Ring.