evo Hotel

A skater skating past a wall of EVO Hotel wheat-pasted posters.

evo Hotel is the world’s first-ever adventure hotel. The amenities include a climbing gym, ski & bike pro shops, and a skate park for onsite shredding. Which makes this Salt Lake City based boutique hotel a truly radical place to stay.


  • Creative Lead Jonny Ashcroft
  • Agency Partner Factory North
  • Senior Designer Travis Fetting
  • Photography evo Hotel
An exterior shot of the Granary Campus building with trees flanking both sides.

about the granary district

The Granary District was once an industrial district surrounding Salt Lake’s railroad corridor. When the rail lines moved west, it underwent a period of urban decay. However recently, it’s experienced quite the revival and is making a comeback in a big way. Now a burgeoning haven for artists and makers alike, new breweries, restaurants, and shops are popping up everywhere.

A historic image of the warehouse used for Granary Campus.
A white number '2' painted on a black circle on a brick wall.
An old brick wall with a visible ghost sign.
Blueprint specs of the Granary Campus building sign.

re-establishing the established

evo was already wildly popular among outdoor sports enthusiasts. So when they decided to open their first-ever hotel, they knew that they had to maintain brand equity and create a simple mark to encapsulate their latest endeavor.

A white EVO Hotel logo on a black background.
EVO Hotel 'Bunk' room.
A collection of EVO Hotel badges on a blue background.
A close-up of an EVO Hotel bag tag.
A grid of black and tan EVO Hotel business cards.

character counts

The Granary building itself boasts all kinds of character. Which was so iconic, we knew we had to represent it within supporting brand elements. Everything from the ghost sign-inspired badges to the photographs taken of the building walls was implemented in the creation of the overall look of the hotel.

EVO Hotel 'Wasatch' room.
A hand holding a notebook that has a graphic that reads "We Invite All Humans"
A door hanger with text that reads "Please Send It"
A top-down view of EVO Hotel key cards.
An EVO logo on a skatepark floor.
A shot of a billboard with a skater and one of the EVO Hotel logos.
A top-down view of colorful EVO Hotel coasters.