Two Stroke

Coffee cans are stacked on top of each other with the Two Stroke logo on them.

Two Stroke is a moto cafe and lifestyle brand based out of Portland’s historic St. Johns neighborhood. They embody cafe racer culture by merging motorcycle and coffeeshop into one.


  • Creative Lead Jonny Ashcroft
  • Agency Partner Factory North
The storefront of Two Stroke Coffee.
An interior shot of Two Stroke Coffee from the entrance.
An interior shot of the Two Stroke Coffee shop shows a framed painting of an American flag on a red brick wall.


Inspired by the bold flowing lines of cafe racer motorcycles, the iconic panther serves as the primary mark for Two Stroke.

A close-up of a gray shirt with the Two Stroke logo on it.
A zoomed-in shot of a coffee can next to some frequent shopper cards.
A close-up of pint glasses with the Two Stroke logo on them.


Accompanying the primary panther logo are several secondary marks which create a layered and immersive identity. This encapsulates Two Stroke’s timeless aesthetic and nods to a classic heritage brand, which spans decades of history and multiple eras of design.

Various Two Stroke logos shown in a GIF.
Three different shirts are arranged in a collage.


The coffee packaging was inspired by vintage oil cans which double as both product and prop. It serves as a key visual that perfectly blends the duality of the brand and brings the moto cafe concept to life in a really beautiful way.

A row of coffee cans sit above the coffee shop menu.
Stack of shirts on top of an old toolbox.
A Two Stroke beanie on a mannequin head.
A trucker hat with the Two Stroke logo.