Saint Bread

Exterior shot of Saint Bread during sunset.

Saint Bread is a bakery and community space on the Portage Bay waterfront in Seattle. Equal parts divine and deadhead, Saint Bread has garnered a faithful following all its own.


  • Creative Lead Jonny Ashcroft
  • Agency Partner Factory North
  • Senior Designer Travis Fetting
  • Stained Glass Rick Ashcroft
  • Photography Ross Eckert
A close-up of the saint illustration.
The Saint Bread logo stacked with a black outline and gold fill.
A group of different colored Saint Bread badges.
Saint Bread menu on a tan background.


Our Lady of the Righteous Nosh is a mythical figure that has appeared to hungry pilgrims and wayward wanderers across the ages. With her sword of wheat and pendant of peace, this Holy Mother invites all to feast.

A yellow Saint Bread gift card on a green background.

Every good Saint deserves a shrine

In order to bring this experiential brand to another level and create a central art feature for the cafe, a custom stained glass window was designed, built, and installed. The stunning window fills the cafe with iridescent colors and functions as a photographable moment for customers to capture and share. Which turns every satisfied sojourner into an evangelist for the brand.

A psychedelic Saint Bread logo in the shape of a circle with a black stroke and a gold fill.
A close-up look at the Saint Bread stained glass window.
An interior shot of the Saint Bread stained glass window.


Juxtaposing the guilded reverence, are playful collateral and merchandise pieces inspired by the 1960s hippie, jam band movement. Hand-lettered “show posters” were created to announce the opening of Saint Bread and wheat pasted across Seattle. The flyer aesthetic was carried into the menu board which was designed to feel more like a display wall at your favorite record store. The merchandise blends the two worlds combining devout imagery with riffs of iconic band tees.

A tie-dye bandana with a Saint Bread wheat pattern.
A black and a green Saint Bread hat on a yellow background.
A Saint Bread shirt is shown photoshopped into an image of the Grateful Dead.
A man walking past a wall of colorful wheat-pasted posters announcing the opening of Saint Bread.
Two Saint Bread business cards side by side showing the front and back designs.
A collage of t-shirts with different Saint Bread designs on them.
A green hoodie on a yellow background with the saint graphic on the back and the wheat logo on the front.
A Saint Bread cup on a tie-dye background.
A restroom sign beside a door shows an illustration of a baby saint with toilet paper.