Someone holding a charcoal+magnesium scented deodorant stick.

Schmidt's is the new face of natural. This Portland-based cosmetic company went from farmers market sweetheart to a national marvel in just a few brief years.


  • Senior Designer Jonny Ashcroft
  • Agency Partner Factory North
  • Art Director Tyler Segal
  • Illustration Kate Blairstone
  • Photography Schmidt's Naturals
A charcoal bar of soap next to a lavender-scented stick of deodorant laid on top of purple flowers.


Schmidt's Naturals was launched in 2010 as a humble passion project by founder Jamie Schmidt, who set out to formulate a natural deodorant that actually worked. Jamie's products drew immediate praise from the customers she connected with at Portland farmers markets. The products worked. So well, in fact, that it drew the attention of serial entrepreneur and angel investor, Michael Cammarata. With the support of Cammarata and a fresh brand and packaging system, the company experienced exponential growth from 2014 to 2018. 

Multipacks of deodorant sticks and deodorant jars.
Six different scented deodorant jars on a gray background are showcased in a GIF.
An assortment of different scented deodorant jars sitting next to each other.
A hand holding a coconut pineapple scented stick of deodorant in front of flowers.


The magic and success of Schmidt’s deodorant packaging lay in a few subtle but significant design choices. The first being that the products were not assigned or targeted to separate gender categories. The packaging, like the product, was intended to be unbiased and appeal across the gender spectrum

Multiple boxes of activated charcoal toothpaste evenly spaced out next to each other.
Different activated charcoal products sitting next to each other.
Five different toothpaste flavors on a gray background are showcased in a GIF.
Boxes of activated charcoal and wondermint toothpaste.
A bottle of wondermint mouthwash and wondermint toothpaste sit on top of a table next to a plant and some other household items.

Expanding the product line

The success and interest of Schmidt’s deodorant line led to the expansion into multiple product categories for the brand wunderkind. The first and most natural was bar soap. The new bar soap line reflected the scents and design language of the beloved deodorant line.

Schmidt’s then moved into natural toothpaste. The new product category necessitated fresh flavors and a new form factor of packaging. The goal of the toothpaste line was to create a package that consumers would be happy to display on their sink, and wouldn't feel the need to tuck away out of sight.

Three different bars of soap sit in between some flowers.
A mockup of the activated charcoal soap packaging with the bar of soap sticking out.
Boxes of cedarwood+juniper scented bars of soap sit on top of a piece of wood with some pine needles intertwined.
A mockup of the packaging for various scented bars of soap.

Going, going, gone!

The success of Schmidt’s was so significant that the company was acquired by packaged goods giant Unilever in 2018, in a landmark deal. The exponential growth of the brand redefined what a natural goods company could do and how quickly a fresh face on the scene could come to dominate a market.

Jasmine tea and cedarwood+juniper scented body wash bottles on a shower shelf with bars of soap stacked in the middle.
A mockup of various scented body wash bottles stacked next to each other.
A close-up look at the body wash labels.
Jasmine tea scented deodorant on a bathroom counter.