Jonny Ashcroft makes art for communication and communicates through art.

Jonny Ashcroft is an innovative creative consultant, award-winning brand designer, and seasoned art director. He possesses over 15 years of experience building creative at the highest levels. He specializes in worldbuilding through brand, conjuring creativity, and making shit rad.


The Art of Ideation

At the heart of every compelling brand, campaign, and piece of content is an inspired idea. After over 15 years of learning to channel creativity on demand, Jonny has mastered the art of ideation. A practice equal parts imagination and collaboration where play leads the way. A delicate process of collecting sparks and building them into a glow of possibilities.


Wordbuilding through brand

From designing in-house at Fender to freelancing for brands like Facebook, NBA, Columbia Sportswear, Anheuser-Busch, Fast Company, and many more. To helping build breakaway industry successes like Schmidt's Naturals, Moodring Cannabis, Square Mile Cider, Evo Hotel, Saint Bread, and Alphi. Jonny has implemented his design skillset, illustration chops, and keen eye across every variety of creative project in every corner of the market.


Casting a unified vision

Jonny has founded two successful agencies, led multitudes of clients through the creative process, and served as an Art & Creative Director in numerous organizations. So rather a project requires curating a team from his network of world-class creatives. Or Art Directing an in-house team from outside of the organization. Jonny casts a unified vision, conducts collaboration, and fuels creativity.



Jonny specializes in bringing one-of-a-kind, mind-bending brand concepts to life—from angelic bakeries to cosmic cannabis brands.

A product shot of 'High CBD Oil' in a scene with silk sheets, candles, and bright colored shapes.

Mood Ring

Mood Ring seeks to illuminate the wonders of cannabis. This nationally-distributed Canadian brand makes ridiculously good products and fills the universe with infinite good vibes.

Exterior shot of Saint Bread during sunset.

Saint Bread

Saint Bread is a bakery and community space on the Portage Bay waterfront in Seattle. Equal parts divine and deadhead, Saint Bread has garnered a faithful following all its own.

A skater skating past a wall of EVO Hotel wheat-pasted posters.

evo Hotel

evo Hotel is the world’s first-ever adventure hotel. The amenities include a climbing gym, ski & bike pro shops, and a skate park for onsite shredding. Which makes this Salt Lake City based boutique hotel a truly radical place to stay.

Someone holding a charcoal+magnesium scented deodorant stick.


Schmidt's is the new face of natural. This Portland-based cosmetic company went from farmers market sweetheart to a national marvel in just a few brief years.